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Going to settle this once and for all!

I have decided to submit a deviation whenever I have the time and/or whenever I feel that the time is right.. Setting a schedule to myselfgives me the feeling that I'm forced to make one. It somehow ruin the experience of sharing what I have and what I do to you all. Besides, I don't always have ideas on what to draw anyway.

DON'T GET ME WRONG!! I love making artworks(at least that's what I consider them). It fills my heart with joy even if my work is not that appreciated, at least I can make something that I once didn't know I can create.

I'm basically building up dexterity, all this time is full of experiments and practices. To be honest, I don't practice all the time because of stuff and junk and every deviation I have submitted so far follows this stages: Thinking of what to draw, Yey! got an idea, Draw it straight on paper, and bam! submission! Never really cared about preparation but now I do.

I think it is a great idea to not set a schedule of submission because I will go all-out this summer anyway so yeah!

Thank you, guys! See you next time.

*here's something

embedded_item1486831446486 by Terumee
Zilgeb Derkal 2
Hey. Trying to make everything more dynamic. Still learning how to avoid me drawing very skinny dudes. I guess I can only submit one artwork per week. Imanna go all out this summer, basically submitting more drawings.

Planning to make a comic but I think I still need more experience, you know? To make it natural for me to handle. I guess I need more time.

Hope you like it.
Renick Downs
Hey. Sorry for my inactivity. Here you go.
I've been practicing lately. I know I've improved but I don't know how much. I already have an idea what to submit next. I just don't know when I can make it. Hope I have plenty of time.
Well, here I am. A break from my busy days!

I am taking care of my studies and practiced a litte bit. Now I am ready to get back on track. I am having problems in proportions and point of view and stuff like that, dynamism, forshortening and crap. I understand those things, my hand is just inexperienced in putting it out. That's why I am practicing. Be submitting one tomorrow. See ya!
Hey guys!

So it's been a month since I joined you here. I have felt joy in my heart because I didn't even know I can create something on a piece of paper. I was really scared on altering the peace and beauty of every piece of paper I face. I found it difficult to just simply start.

As I move my pencil closer to the paper, all the drawings and artworks other people made pop in my mind. I was scared and worried on how other people will see it, what will they say about it? Will they like it? Is it worth to continue uploading things on this site?

Every time I see a very good work, anything amazing, it inspires me to draw. But when I'm about to draw, my inspirations will become my discouragement. They are daunting me. As if it becomes your enemy or something.

But heck! I won't let anything stop me! Drawing is fun and it makes me smile. I want to explore and learn everything I can. Digital or traditional, it's interesting. I will keep my inspirations as my inspirations. And... yeah!

For thise who "favorited" my garbage, thank you. For those who inspires me, thank you! You are the reasons I kept going. Even if I have no watchers, someone is destined to read this. heheheh


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Hello! Thank you for visiting! Trying to be better everyday. Please leave a comment because I really like those. I'm greatly honored for those who liked my work and I'm really thankful to those who (favorited) my stuff.


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